January 16, 2017

Mama’s Tea

by Jefferson Currie My mama, Jerri, doesn’t really like ice tea much (I know that most spell it iced tea, but with that d and t next to each other, that’s not really what it sounds like), and I realize that to some southerners that is a kind of sacrilege, so it always struck me as a loving gesture that she would make a new batch for her family every time the pitcher in the refrigerator ran low. I like ice tea, but I … [Read more...]

Burns Day: A Time to Celebrate Scottish Food Traditions in North Carolina

by Ray Linville Where in North Carolina is Scottish food celebrated, and when can you find authentic Scottish food in our state? Travel no farther than to the multi-county Sandhills where many residents still celebrate Scottish heritage, particularly today – known to many as Burns Day in honor of the birth of Scottish poet Robert Burns on this day in 1759. As described in Transatlantic Scots, a recent study … [Read more...]