October 6, 2015

Lenten Fish Fries in 2015


by Joy Salyers North Carolina historian David Cecelski helped start NC Food, delighting readers for the blog's first five years with his explorations of state foodways and his musings about food's connections to place, family, and all that is good in life. In 2011, he noted in a food blog post that “It’s one of the nice things about Friday nights this time of year: you can often find a fish fry at your local … [Read more...]

Asparagus – Shoots and Roots

new asparagus shoot

by Joy Salyers My friend (and amazing artist) Jessica Clark posted this pic on Facebook Tuesday. While she was rejoicing in it finally being the time of year when your nails are dirty for all the right reasons and things are sprouting, when I saw the beautiful asparagus spear, what I thought of was not shoots but roots. Let me explain. Asparagus is a perennial, the fruit tree of vegetables. When you settle … [Read more...]

A Class Perspective on Daylight Saving Time


by Joy Salyers, NC Folk Executive Director How is your first work day on Daylight Saving Time winding down? If you are like some of my Facebook friends, it wasn’t an easy start. “Last time I was up before the sun it was to catch a flight for a fun weekend. Today is just to go to work . . . .” or “I like having the evening light longer but having to arrive at work again in the pitch black of night sucks!” And a … [Read more...]

North Carolina Blueberries


by Deborah Miller I didn't actually GO blueberry picking with Joy Salyers and Elijah Gaddis, but I heard all about it and got to enjoy the bounty.  Heck, I don't even know where they went. But that Monday, I came into work to find a large container on my desk filled almost to overflowing. So I had them by the handful.  At first. Then I slowed down to popping them one by one just barely biting into them so I … [Read more...]

Dan Dunkel’s First Brunswick Stew

Dan Dunkel

by Joy Salyers On May 19, my family and I headed up to Person County to the 125th anniversary of Berry's Grove Baptist Church.       Berry's Grove is on Berry Road, in what is either Timberlake or Little River, depending on whether you're trying to mail something there or drive to it. Being raised Baptist, I know that any church celebration is likely to bring some of the best food … [Read more...]

Sometimes Community is Just a Piece of Cake


Here at NC Food we write about all aspects of our state’s traditional foodways. We tell potential bloggers to think of food as communication - what growing, preparing, and eating in certain ways says about a community's traditions, history, and values. This week I saw an example of community values emerging through food in a powerful way. My partner Isaac worked for five years as a reporter at The Times News in … [Read more...]

Oysters in the Parking Lot

Cabbage Collards

One of the best perks of doing fieldwork for the North Carolina Folklife Institute is the amazing food you run into on the road. When I arrived in Brunswick County last night for a community meeting related to a folklife survey we’re doing, supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, fieldworker Steve Kruger showed up with a trunk full of goodies – collards, cabbage collards, and a huge sack of oysters he’d … [Read more...]

Dropping in to Say Happy New Year


by Joy Salyers with help from Deborah Miller [Editors Note:  We thought we'd revisit one of our favorite blog posts Dropping in to Say Happy New Year from December 31, 2012.   We wanted to learn more about the tradition of dropping things to ring in the new year, especially some of those that take place right here in North Carolina. And if you are interested in the ongoing saga of the Brasstown possum drop … [Read more...]

Joy and Deborah’s Excellent Adventure to Person County


by Deborah Miller One of the things I already know I love about working here is when Joy starts a sentence with “We need to go …. ”  Not one to need too much convincing, I can be ready to go in a split-second.  And this time, she said “We need to go drive up to Roxboro to see this Sappony exhibit at The Kirby Gallery before it ends on Friday.”  It was a beautiful sun-filled day driving up Hwy. 501 North as Joy … [Read more...]