January 16, 2017

A Different Taste of Life

by Malinda Dunlap Fillingim Recently, I was able to participate in a Burmese feast. Students and others brought dishes representing the rich cuisine of the Burmese people. I delighted in the best sticky rice I have ever eaten, enjoyed sugary potatoes, drank something I think was coconut based, and consumed foods with layered textures. This was not the food I grew up on, nor the food I cook in my home. There was no … [Read more...]

Simmering Stew Brings a Community Together

by Ray Linville The center of small town is not always a town hall, courthouse, or church. Sometimes it’s a pot of bubbling stew as it is each fall in Mount Gilead, a community of slightly more than 1,000 residents in Montgomery County. Although the community is small, just about everyone knows about the Brunswick stew served when Brown’s Hardware has its open house. Incorporated in 1899, Mount Gilead … [Read more...]

Dan Dunkel’s First Brunswick Stew

by Joy Salyers On May 19, my family and I headed up to Person County to the 125th anniversary of Berry's Grove Baptist Church.       Berry's Grove is on Berry Road, in what is either Timberlake or Little River, depending on whether you're trying to mail something there or drive to it. Being raised Baptist, I know that any church celebration is likely to bring some of the best food … [Read more...]