January 24, 2017

One Dozen Who Care

One Dozen Who Care is an African American-led community development organization in the far western part of North Carolina. Members have come together to strengthen their leadership abilities and create community bonds through their common cultural interests. The group’s main goals are to increase and strengthen community leadership, assure the well-being of children and youth, honor and support community elders, and support other community organizations with similar goals.

One Dozen Who Care’s programs include the 10-10-10 Mentoring Program, which teaches ten major life skills to ten youth over a period of ten months; the annual Multicultural Women’s Development Conference held in Hayesville, North Carolina, each spring; the Storytelling Project, which promotes nonviolent principles through the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Storytellers Guild; and All God’s Children, a group of projects that includes a book, film, and compact disc compilation of gospel music and community history.