January 16, 2017

North Carolina Folklore Society

Founded in 1913, the North Carolina Folklore Society is one of the oldest state folklore societies. It is committed to promoting the appreciation, study and preservation of North Carolina’s rich folk cultural heritages. Through its publications, annual meeting, awards, and other programs, the NCFS encourages the continuation of diverse cultural traditions present in the state and their documentation and analysis by both professional and amateur folklorists.

In its early years, members collected songs, stories, customs, and superstitions under the direction of Dr. Frank C. Brown of Duke University. That material was eventually published as The Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore and remains the most extensive collection of a state’s folklore. In 1948, the society’s secretary-treasurer, Arthur Palmer Hudson of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, began publication of the North Carolina Folklore Journal. Members are kept informed of folklife activities occurring around the state through a semi-annual newsletter and a resource listing and calendar posted on the society’s website.

Each spring, the society holds an annual meeting that includes presentations such as panel discussions, lectures, slide talks, video screenings, traditional music performances, and annual awards. These gatherings attract a mixture of folklife enthusiasts, professional and amateur folklorists, and community researchers. New members are welcome.