January 16, 2017

Dan Dunkel’s First Brunswick Stew

by Joy Salyers On May 19, my family and I headed up to Person County to the 125th anniversary of Berry's Grove Baptist Church.       Berry's Grove is on Berry Road, in what is either Timberlake or Little River, depending on whether you're trying to mail something there or drive to it. Being raised Baptist, I know that any church celebration is likely to bring some of the best food … [Read more...]

Joy and Deborah’s Excellent Adventure to Person County

by Deborah Miller One of the things I already know I love about working here is when Joy starts a sentence with “We need to go …. ”  Not one to need too much convincing, I can be ready to go in a split-second.  And this time, she said “We need to go drive up to Roxboro to see this Sappony exhibit at The Kirby Gallery before it ends on Friday.”  It was a beautiful sun-filled day driving up Hwy. 501 North as Joy … [Read more...]