April 19, 2014

Pepper Preservation: Two Experiments


by Laura Fieselman Tomorrow is the new moon, and for those who plant by tradition the Farmers' Almanac indicates it's time to set out the very first plants of the season (which would be peas). But this year it seems like the frosts just keep on coming and coming and coming ... we're sharing a post by Laura Fieselman harkening back to that first frost of winter, reminding us that no matter the season, you've got to … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookies at Nana’s


by Laura Fieselman This is a ritual of the finest sort. It begins with dutiful contemplation and moves slowly through a prescribed set of dance moves. It requires specific equipment and traditional music. It crescendos with a pile of dishes in the sink and closes with the same narration each year. This is Christmas cookies at Nana's house. Nana, you must know, is my adopted grandmother. I have had the great … [Read more...]

What’s for Lunch?


by Laura Fieselman Trowels and leather work-gloves litter the scene. A few folks wearing overalls tack lathing to the exterior walls, their confident stances and the nail guns that hang from their belts proclaiming that they have done this a time or two. I help another group shove clumps of piedmont clay through a square screen built from hardware cloth. Several others focus on the lunchtime spread, the rest of us … [Read more...]

Apples and a Pioneer Cabin in Cedar Mountain


There is a front porch, rocking chairs, and a wood-burning cookstove. But look closely and you will see there are also blowtorches, an electric food processor, and plastic mixing bowls. It is the Pioneer Cabin at the Green River Preserve, a summer camp for the bright, curious, and creative in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina. Campers carve wooden spoons and shape soap-stone pendants here. They craft gourd bowls and … [Read more...]