December 18, 2014

Home of Collard Sandwich Expands on Soul Food Day


by Ray Linville A collard sandwich is not the typical attraction to establish a regional reputation. But it is for Chef Kenneth Collins and his UPro restaurant in Aberdeen, NC, where he has developed an extensive following of appreciative customers. The star attraction of his business begins with fresh, hand-cut collards. The greens are cooked for an hour with a little fat and a special blend of seasonings and … [Read more...]

Dropping in to Say Happy New Year


by Joy Salyers with help from Deborah Miller I have to confess right off, that I don’t remember much in the way of New Year’s traditions in my family, food or otherwise. Sure, my great-grandmother cooked cabbage and black-eyed peas for luck and prosperity, but we were almost never at her house on New Year’s Day. At our house, with two working parents, it seemed more a day of recovery from the holidays, and a last … [Read more...]