January 16, 2017

A Thread through Time: The African American Quilt Circle

by Amy Nelson The women who make up the African American Quilt Circle of Durham congregate once a month for three hours to quilt. They piece together fabrics of all patterns, shades and textures with varying degrees of expertise. Of course women getting together to sew is nothing new. They’ve been doing it for millennia all over the world. But look between the layers of past and present and you will find a desire … [Read more...]

Turning with the Times: Seagrove Potters Embrace Change

by Amy Nelson Shifts in the economy are reshaping the way small cottage industry towns like Seagrove do business. Home to over 100 potteries, this rural piedmont area has become a tourist destination for local and international clientele. But with rising gas prices, the traffic flow has slowed. As a result, some potters and town officials are exploring new ways to ensure their collective survival. Independent … [Read more...]

Strike at the Wind: the Struggle to Sustain a Culture

by Amy Nelson In the southeastern North Carolina town of Pembroke, it's hard to come by anyone who hasn't heard the name Henry Berry Lowery. The 19th-century Native American is a cultural icon for the Lumbee population there. In 1976 a musical drama was created about Lowery’s life called “Strike at the Wind.” The production ran out of money and ceased running last year. Historian Malinda Maynor wants to revitalize … [Read more...]