January 16, 2017


Travel Itineraries

Seagrove Pottery
North Carolina is home to several very old and rich traditions of folk pottery – those of the Cherokee and Catawba Indians, of the Catawba Valley in the central piedmont, of the Moravians around present-day Winston-Salem, and other communities — each of which has fascinated generations of travelers, collectors, and scholars. The sandhills region of North Carolina’s southern piedmont is home to a thriving pottery industry, widely known as the Seagrove tradition. A fortuitous combination of history and geology made the area around Seagrove, a Randolph County crossroads town on the Moore and Montgomery County lines, the cradle of one of the South’s most distinctive and popular forms of folk art. Learn more…

Cherokee Heritage
The North Carolina high country was already home to the Cherokee people for thousands of years before the first white explorer pitched camp in a creek-side cove. Despite the U. S. Government’s campaign in the 1830s to expel the Cherokee from their homes in the southern mountains, forcing thousands of people west on the Trail of Tears, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and their ancient traditions of art and folklore thrive in these mountains today. This tour suggests an itinerary in which the visitor to the North Carolina mountains can begin to explore the rich Cherokee heritage of the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains. Learn more…

Core Sound
To some North Carolinians, the phrase “Down East” refers to all of eastern North Carolina, from the tobacco-and-barbecue zone along the Virginia border at the northeast, to the swamps and bays along the South Carolina border that mark the beginning of the Low Country. To residents of the central coast, however, Down East is the geographically remote but culturally fertile Core Sound region of Carteret County. Northeastern Carteret County encompasses vast plains of coastal marsh, punctuated by small fishing villages along the inland side of Core Sound; across the sound is the Cape Lookout National Seashore, now a federally maintained nature preserve and popular recreational area, but once the site of maritime towns that were for centuries vital pulse points in the history and economy of North Carolina. Learn more…

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