January 16, 2017

Online Exhibits

2013 Statewide Folklife Festival

This online exhibit briefly documents the 2013 NC Statewide Folklife Festival held in Carrboro, NC. It was organized in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the NC Folklore Society, and brought together over 150 diverse performers and traditional artists from across the state, from many different communities.

NC Textile Exhibit 

This online exhibit documents the North Carolina Textile exhibit that was displayed at the 2013 festival. This exhibit showcased the long and complex history of textiles in NC, from quilt-making to weaving, sewing, and net-making. All of these traditions were and are integral parts of NC traditional arts, occupations, and home life.

Chicken and Pastry, or What Have You

This exhibition introduces the history and process of Chicken and Pastry making through both written and visual documentation. Edith Green, of Columbus County, North Carolina, is pictured teaching Anna Scott her traditional recipe.

Gordon’s Net Works
This exhibition is a profile of Gordon Winfree and his shop, Gordon’s Net Works, located near Shallotte and Holden Beach, North Carolina.

The East Arcadia Blue Monday Shad Fry, 2013
The East Arcadia Blue Monday Shad Fry takes place every year on the Monday after Easter. Today, it is organized by George Graham, Jerry Graham, Jesse Blanks and Earl Brown. This online exhibition briefly documents the origins and present day (2013) practice of the shad fry.

North Carolina Heritage Awards
The North Carolina Heritage Award, a program of the N.C. Arts Council, honors active traditional artists; recognizes artistic excellence in a traditional art; celebrates contributions to communities; and promotes North Carolina’s cultural heritage.

North Carolina at Work: Cedric Chatterley’s Portraits and Landscapes of Traditional Labor
The North Carolina at Work exhibit, designed to both honor work traditions in the state and to encourage conversations about work’s connection to our land, economy, and community, consists of portraits by acclaimed photographer Cedric Chatterley.

Audio Exhibit: Changing Faces of Tradition (Podcasts)