January 16, 2017

Sponsored Exhibits in NC

Carolina Folkways, Block Gallery, Raleigh
September 18-November 14, 2014

NC Folk is sponsoring the work of photographer Titus Brooks Heagins in the Carolina Folkways exhibit. The exhibit also features the work of photographer Michael Schwalbe and textile artist Gabrielle Dugan.

Photograph by Titus Heagins

Photograph by Titus Heagins (all rights reserved)

Heagins’ ten photos in the exhibit stem from his work for the African American Heritage Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina, sponsored by the North Carolina Arts Council. In a generous collaboration with the artist, Heagins has made the framed prints available for NC Folk to create a traveling exhibit for other regions of the state. If you are interested in hosting this exhibit, please contact staff@ncfolk.org. To view more of Titus Brooks Heagins’ documentary photography, visit his site: titusbrooksheagins.com.

North Carolina at Work
Cedric Chatterley’s Photos and Landscapes of Traditional Labor
Available for installation

North Carolina at Work: Cedric Chatterley’s Portraits and Landscapes of Traditional Labor is a collection of 25 framed photographs by acclaimed documentarian Cedric Chatterley.  The exhibit shows at-work images of North Carolinians across the state in their work environments — an oysterer thigh-deep in the sound, workers in a High Point furniture factory, apple pickers along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The photographs highlight the diversity of the physical landscapes and traditional labor in North Carolina,  and honor people throughout the state’s strong sense of connection to place.

Walter and Ray Davenport of Tyrrell County

Walter and Ray Davenport, Tyrrell County. Photo by Cedric Chatterley, all rights reserved.

The North Carolina Folklife Institute will bring this traveling exhibit to interested communities, as well as work with local groups to create programming that connects the content to local issues of work and environment. The Institute can also provide promotional postcards for the exhibit and a special issue of the North Carolina Folklore Journal featuring the exhibit and North Carolina work topics. Please contact staff@ncfolk.org if you would like to bring this exhibit to your community!

View a partial online version of the exhibit here.  Read about the inaugural installation here.

visitor viewing exhibit at the Durham County Main Library

Visitor views part of exhibit at the Durham County Main Library in 2012