January 16, 2017

Disco Rodeo

by Leda Hartman Latino immigration has impacted North Carolina's culture in a variety of ways. You can see it in the number of Mexican restaurants here, or in the presence of Univision, the Spanish-language TV network. You can also see it at a Raleigh club called Disco Rodeo. Just a few years ago, the club was known for its rock 'n roll shows. Now it specializes in bringing in live bands, straight from Mexico. … [Read more...]

Prime Time Steppers

by Leda Hartman Stepping is a performance and movement style popularized a century ago by African American fraternities and sororities. Stepping has a strong link to the past, with roots that go all the way back to Africa. But it also has a vibrant future. These days, younger kids of all races are doing it. And this week, the first national high school competition will take place in Miami. Leda Hartman profiles … [Read more...]

North Carolina Arts Incubator

by Leda Hartman Many small towns across the country that are suffering from economic decline have turned to the arts to rejuvenate their communities. In North Carolina, the piedmont town of Siler City has opened a new arts incubator that will eventually be the largest one of its kind in the country. Leda Hartman takes a look at how the town is using its local heritage to transform its economy and its identity. … [Read more...]

Center For Documentary Studies

The Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) is an interdisciplinary educational organization affiliated with Duke University. It is dedicated to advancing documentary work that combines experience and creativity with education and community life. Founded in 1989, CDS connects the arts and humanities to fieldwork, drawing on photography, filmmaking, oral history, folklore, and writing as catalysts for education and … [Read more...]

Curriculum in Folklore at UNC

Established in 1940, the Curriculum in folklore at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill was the nation’s first academic graduate program in folklore. Offering a range of both graduate and undergraduate courses, the Curriculum has been instrumental in establishing a place for folklore studies in higher education across North Carolina, in training many folklorists now working in the state, and in developing … [Read more...]

El Pueblo, Inc.

El Pueblo, Inc. is a North Carolina non-profit statewide advocacy and policy organization dedicated to strengthening the Latino community. This mission is accomplished through leadership development, education, and promotion of cross-cultural understanding in partnerships at the local state, and national levels. The organization began in 1994 when it organized the first Latin American cultural festival "La Fiesta del … [Read more...]

Folklife Program, North Carolina Arts Council

The Folklife Program of the North Carolina Arts Council promotes public knowledge and appreciation of the state’s cultural traditions. Four strategies have evolved to achieve this goal: planning and presenting special projects; assisting the field through a grants program; conducting fieldwork; and maintaining n archive of documentary materials and resources. Beginning in 1977, when George Holt organized the … [Read more...]

Museum of the Cherokee Indian

The Museum of the Cherokee Indian was founded in 1948 to preserve and perpetuate Cherokee history, culture, and stories through permanent and changing exhibits, workshops, festivals, archives, and special educational programs. The Museum is a non-profit organization representing the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, a federally recognized tribe, and has become one of the most visited and successful tribal museums in … [Read more...]

North Carolina Museum of Art

When George Holt, former director of the North Carolina Arts Council’s Folklife Program, joined the staff of the North Carolina Museum of Art in the fall of 1996, he introduced folklife-related programming that has drawn new audiences to the museum. As director of performing arts and film programs, he manages the programming for the museums 3,000 capacity open-air theater and an outdoor film facility. Holt produces a … [Read more...]

North Carolina Museum of History

The North Carolina Museum of History promotes the understanding of the history and material culture of North Carolina for the educational benefit of North Carolinians. Through collections and historical interpretation, its museums encourage citizens and visitors to explore and understand the past; to reflect on their own lives and their place in history; and to preserve state, regional, and local history for future … [Read more...]